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Tuesday Tutorial-Scissor Charms

When I have a class full of people it’s easy for supplies to get moved around. Therefore, I like to mark my items with an easy way to identify what I supplied.


Shrinkie Dinks (can find in your local craft stores or amazon)

Stazon ink

Your favorite open stamp


Bakers twine


1. Ink up your favorite stamp with Stazon ink. Be extra careful to not slide your stamp on the slippery surface of the shrinkie dinks. You can stamp one or many. Let dry about 10 minutes.

2. Next I took my sharpies as I found that the Stampin’ Markers didn’t provide the coverage I wanted and colored on. Therefore with the sharpies I colored in straight lines so if the color moved while baking later I could see more straight line coloring.

3. Next I used a hole punch and used a lot of muscle and squeezed a hole just about 1/4” above the stamped and colored image. Using my scissors I trimmed around the edge of my image like you see below.

4. Per the instructions, I baked my images in my toaster oven two at a time. I let mine cook till they flattened out. It took a bit more than the directions said. And let them cool before continuing.

5. Now you need to decide how long you want your charm to be. This is all personal preference at this stage. I fold the length of twine in half and feed that through the eye of the circle and pull the other piece though the loop. Tie a double knot at the ends.

6. Now it’s time to put your charm on your scissors!! The same way we looped it through the charm you want to loop it through the scissors.


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