Are you like me and have a ton of reinker but can never find the right one your looking for? I tend to buy my reinker and inks in the bundles so I can keep them together and have a refill, however it makes it difficult finding the right color. I found a way to help me locate the color quicker with a product you may already have on hand!

I use an enamel shape to stick on the top of my cap. You can choose which size you like better of the two dots and then find the matching reinker add it to the top of the cap. This allows me to find the color in my color caddy faster. Now if your looking for a quick option and don’t have the enamel shapes, why not use an old fashioned hole punch and punch a circle out of coordinating cardstock and add it on with a mini glue dot.

I’ve been organizing my messy craft room and find that the back to school items are often helpful with organizing my stamping supplies. Last year I got Sterlite containers to stack and my stamping supplies sit in these stacked across a wall on an old kitchen table. These same containers are great for keeping a project together that I am working on. I’m embarrassed to show a photo well because it’s a mess as its well used.


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