Embossing Paste

Are you wondering what the new product in the catalog is all about? Well I tried it for the first time the other day and let me tell you I see myself using this product a lot!  It is a paste that provides texture for your card.  You can personalize the color choice yourself.  

Embossing Paste

Palate Knife Set


Decorative mask

Silicone mat 

When you first open the package you will need to remove the seal.  Then take one of your knifes of your preference and mix up the Paste to fluff it up a bit.   The purpose of the Paste is to dry and create textures, which means you want to keep your product covered and work quickly. 
Add a small amount onto your silicone mat and close the lid to the jar. 

Add reinker to your Paste.  I used Cherry Cobbler and only used one drop. 

Using the knife mix the Paste in like you would with food coloring to cake frosting until it’s all mixed in.  

Now you want to lay your piece of paper down and lay your mask over it. You are not limited to the predesigned masks, you could use a punch or a framelit to design a mask as well.   Taking the knife you want to slide the Paste over the mask remembering to work quickly.   In my example here I was creating a fireplace so I wanted the whole paper covered.   

Remove the masks and clean your knive, mask and silicone mat with hot soapy water immediately.   

Let the card sit for a few minutes while you are stamping the rest of the pieces to go onto it. 


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