Sponge Daubber Case

Whisper white reg

Cut 4- 7″X1″ strips

Cut 6- 5″X1″ strips

Cut 1- 8.5″x 1″ strip

On the 1″ width score down 1/2″ every 1″. See photo. Repeat for each of the 7″X1″ strips and the 5″X1″ strips. If you don’t have the Stampin’ Trimmer you can do this with a pencil and a ruler.  

Next, we are going to cut down each line on every piece where you scored or drew your line. We still have the one 8 1/2″X1″ strip we haven’t touched yet sitting off to the side. 

Using a Full Wood Mount Case (item # 127551) we can open up the case and begin assembling our grid to hold the sponge daubers in. I start with the outside and using the shorter strip add the four long strips to it interlocking the cuts. Repeat this until all short pieces are added across. I find it easiest to add the outsides first and then build inward. Adding the outside first creates the grid to stronger to add the additional pieces. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE here folks.  

Once you have your grid completed place it into the case. Now here is where the 8 1/2″ X 1″ strip comes into play. The grid has some wiggle room in the case and once my daubbers go in I don’t want to loose those at the case binding. I slide that piece into the crease of the binding of the case and slip it into the sides. The top corners are rounded but a dauber will fit in there and the case will close.  

So how do you tell which dauber is which color? I cut a piece of whisper white Card stock 7″x5″ and create a 7×5 grid on the paper and write the color into the slot it goes in. I wanted mine to run in rainbow color like I have my paper and inks set up. In the 2017-2108 catalog on page 183 is how I set mine up. Once you have your color chart the way you want it slide it into the cover on the front of the case. Decorate the outside cover with designer series paper, stamps, etc or just leave as is. 


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