Dynamic Embossing Folders

Supplies:Big Shot

Dynamic Embossing Folder
-I used hexagons

Card Stock

Stampin’ Spritzer


1. To create a deep dynamic impression on your card stock using the Stampin’ Up! Dynamic Embossing Folders it is best to moisten the paper. This breaks down the paper fibers a bit so that the paper can shape to the embossing folder.

2. Fill your Stampin’ Spritzer with all water or rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol helps the paper dry quicker. I’ve even used an aqua painter to rub over the card stock to moisten it, just make sure the brush is clear of ink first.

3. Spritz the cardstock that you wish to emboss with your Stampin’ Spritzer and run it through your Big Shot and Dynamic Embossing Folder immediately.

4. Once you emboss your cardstock, you remove it from the envelope and then let it dry before adding it to your project.

Shown below you can see the first image is one that I completed without moistening the Cardstock. The second image was ran through with water only and the third image was ran through with rubbing alcohol. In my experience with testing the three different typeset of embossing, I found I like the water only the best. This provide the most details of the embossing folder although it took the longest time to dry.

Dry, water, rubbing alcohol 



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