Gift Bag

Supplies12”x12” piece of Designer Series Paper (I used Eastern Beauty)

Mini Treat Bag Die for Big Shot

Big Shot

Stampin’ Trimmer

Adhesive (I used fast fuse and glue dots)

Bone Folder

Decorations for outside

I found this idea in our current 2017-2018 catalog. I loved the idea and decided to show how an idea from our catalog could be recreated.


1. Cut 12” x 12” piece of designer series paper in half so you have 2-6”x 12” strips. When cutting and your paper is directional to make sure that you have the 6” as the height. The paper that I choose has Fresh Fig Strips on the inside so I had to look at how to cut each piece so the strips all go in the same direction.

2. Cut out two sets of each die, the large part and the side part, out of your Designer Series Paper. I use one side to cut the two larger piece and one side to cut the smaller pieces. I then used the extra pieces of DSP to cut out the base of the gift bag. I cut two piece on 3 3/4” x 3 3/4” and the second one 4 1/4”x 3 3/4”.

3. Score each of the bag sides on the score lines using your bone folder. Do this with each of the four sides and make sure to fold the bottom tabs as well. Lay out your pieces in the following order: small, big, small, big. Using your adhesive, glue the long side tabs and create a long section with all the pieces glued together in the correct order as shown below. Finish shaping the box by adhering the final edges together. You now have your gift bag shape completed minus the bottom. How simple was that!

4. Onto adding the bag bottom. Using those two extra pieces cut out of our designer series paper in step 2 we are going to use them. I flatten out my gift bag and add adhesive on the inside tab of my bottom of my bag. I then shape my bag again and place the 3 3/4” square into the bottom. We still have the two sides that are floppy so I decided to add another piece. Using the 4 1/4’ x 3 3/4″ piece I need to score using my Stampin’ Trimmer on the longer 4 1/4″ side. I score 1/4” in from each side on the long side only. This creates my tabs to glue onto the inside of my bag. Once I score, I then fold with my bone folder so the tabs fold in towards the inside color of the bag. I place my adhesive on the outside of the tab (same color as outside of the bag) and then add it from the bottom of the bag and slide the tabs into the two sides that are open on the bag bottom. Using my bone folder, I place my bag on the table and gently press the rounded part of the bone folder around the edges of the bottom where my adhesive went to help secure the bag.

5. It’s time to decorate the outside of the gift bag for that special occasion! I used the banner from the Mini Treat Bag Dies and cut out a banner from the leftovers of the designer series paper. I used the color that was going to be on the inside and added that part of the banner on the outside. I have the fun tassels that went along with the Eastern Beauty Suite and decided to add one to the outside with a glue dot as I didn’t have a ribbon that I loved with my gift bag to tie it on. Have fun decorating your bag for the special occasion that you need it for!


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