Tuesday Tutorial-Marbled Background with Shaving Cream


Tuesday Tutorial- Marbled Background with Shaving Cream




Supplies needed:


Shaving cream (Not Gel)


Reinker- I used Garden Green and Soft Suede


Whisper White Cards Stock


Container to put shaving cream on


Knife or something to stir ink into shaving cream.


Paper Towel






Step 1: Place shaving cream into your container.  I then smoothed mine down so it was sort of flat so I could make sure I had enough to work with.   I then added five drops of Garden Green reinker in a random pattern on the shaving cream.  Then I added five drops of Soft Suede reinker into the shaving cream in random spots. 


Step 2:  Take your stirring utensil and gently mix the shaving cream and reinker.  Please note: do not over mix it.  I can still see a lot of white shaving cream now.  This batch will make many cards.  I made 4 out of this batch today and could make a lot more still.  


Step 3:  This can get messy so make sure you have your work space protected.  Take a piece of your cardstock and place it into the shaving cream mix.   Your hands might get messy so you may want a pair of gloves.  I rub my fingers over the back of the piece of card stock to ensure that the entire piece of card stock gets the shaving cream mix on it.   Take the piece of card stock out and if it doesn’t look like the shaving cream stuck to it all stick it back into the shaving cream and pick up some more.  Set aside your cardstock.   Stir mixture if needed gently.  Repeat with all the pieces of card stock till you have them finished.  Clean up your container and rinse it out.


Step 4:  Taking the piece of paper towel, it’s time to clean off the shaving cream.  Now you want a garbage bag nearby so you can toss the paper towel right after.   Rubbing in a circular motion, clean off all the shaving cream off the front and back of cardstock.  I used about one full sized sheet of paper towel per card.    As you can see in my photos, the first card has the strongest contrast of color and after I mixed it a few times, it’s more of a wash of color.  Let your paper dry for at least 10 minutes or use your heat gun to speed up the process. 


Step 5: Create your cards by adding the marbled background paper to your card tops.  You can use it to cut out shapes using your punches or big shot or just adhered it with Fast Fuse tape runner.  I added some punch art to some of my cards, stamped right on to a few and layered on the other one.  One thing I learned is that if you are stamping right onto the image is to be very careful and let the ink dry longer than usual.  I smeared one of my cards by not waiting long enough.  Have fun mixing Reinker colors and designing your cards. 




Have fun getting messy with this card.  I would love to see your creations on my Facebook Page that you have made.







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