Tuesday Tutorial-Stamp-a-majig

One of the many stamps I love in the Eastern Palace stamp set is this one stamp that reminds me of a clamshell quilt.   I had to make a variation of this quilt into a card.   In order to help allign the pattern, I used the stamp-a-majig.   This tool is a two piece set.  A plastic handle that helps you line up the block on the paper and a plastic sheet that you stamp on in order to keep the allignment.  

Items used


D block

Fresh Fig, Tranquil Tide and Lemon Lime Twist ink

4 1/4″ x 11″ Tranquil Tide card base

3 7/8″ x 5 1/8″ Dapper Denim First layer

3 3/4″ x 5″ Very Vanilla THICK cardstock 

Eastern Palace Stamp and Framlit Bundle

The first step is to place the plastic in the corner of the stamp a majig.  Place the stamp on the block and ink it up in a non permanent ink.   Place the block in the corner of the handle as shown below.  And press down carefully to not slide the image on the plastic.  If you do (like I did a few times trying to snap a pic) just use your stamp and scrub to clean the plastic and try again 🙂

The next step is to begin stamping on your card.  The first row I used Fresh Fig ink.  I stamped the first image right on the paper so the edge touched both the bottom and left side of the paper.  As shown below you want to place the plastic down and line up the image where you want it stamped on your card.  Then add the handle to the corner.  Hold the handle in place and remove the plastic sheet.  Bring the block over slide it into the corner of the block and press down firmly.  Remove block and your image will be lined up.  Repeat to finish first row in Fresh Fig. 

Now to provide the interlocking clamshell look of a quilt.  I cleaned my stamp and switched to Lemon Lime Twist ink.  Using the plastic sheet I lined up the bottom point into the point between the two Fresh Fig shells. Repeat the directions from above for stamping row out.  I did go back and add the image to the far left of the row last.  This allowed me to just add the partial image. 

I cleaned my stamp again and switched to Tranquil Tide ink.  This row should line up with your first row of Fresh Fig.  I repeated all three colors again.  This left a spot at the top of the paper to cut out a beautiful flower cut out.  

Once I cut out the stunning flower cut out I used one of our brand new Gold Foil Stickers.  Let me tell you these are not what I expected. They are thick and absolutely wonderful to work with. I had to gently peel and replace where I adhered the image (thanks to a coughing fit from bronchitis) and I had no problem doing so. The gold foil stayed intact and you can’t tell I moved sticker. 

Now I added the card front to the layering base and then added it onto my card base.   

You can now order this beautiful bundle this month.  


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