Tutorial Tuesday

Good Morning Lovelies

Today I will show you how to make the cute little bows that I used on last weeks mini gift bags.  These bows are something I have been making for years when I was teaching Christmas Ornament classes in a quilting shop that I worked in.  I love these bows because they allow you to make tiny bows that work on many items with a glue dot or even a bit of hot glue.

You will need:

A fork or hair pick

A piece of ribbon or bakers twine




1.16806917_386357928401816_615933037321294_nIn this sample I’m using the Sale-a-bration 2017 ribbon that has a bit of gold sparkle woven into it, but you can use any ribbon in any width.    To begin wrap your piece of ribbon around the front and back of the fork tines like pictured.  I hold the ribbon in my right hand.  If you are left-handed just wrap the ribbon in the opposite direction.  If you are using a hair pick just use four tines located on either the left or right side.  The hair pick is something you can purchase fairly cheaply and keep in a bow making kit.

2.  16832208_386357978401811_6627152764917488595_n The next step is to take the piece of ribbon that was across the back of the fork tines and wwrap it around between the middle of the fork tines (Between tines 2 and 3) and pull it so you have the tail coming to the left side of the fork.  Hold this tail so it makes it easier for you to pull the next end through the same tine.  Then take the piece of ribbon that the tail in on the right side still and pull that through the same middle tine.  This is creating the knot part of the bow.   Gather both tails that now should be coming through the center and pull them tightly as seen blow. 16640733_386358015068474_7485634751423263377_n


3.  16807012_386358035068472_2225439058014016879_n  Our next step is to turn the fork around while maintaining a hold on the tails of the bow.  Be sure to hold the tails or you will lose the bow  (Ask me how I know  LOL).   You want to tie a tight knot now.  I usually tie two if possible with my tail length.   I also like to have my tails going sideways for most of my projects.  However if you don’t like this you could have your tails coming down towards the handle as a more traditional bow.  16807511_386358055068470_5121383545168687673_n

4.  16832271_386358091735133_1553899513477129909_n  I slide off my bow off the tines before cutting the tails.   In this example I cut my bows at a diagonal to make the ends.  You ribbon does make a difference on how you trim it so it doesn’t fray.  I would do a test on a the ends  before cutting it if your unsure.

Add a glue dot behind the bow or some hot glue and add it onto your project as a fun miniature embellishment!

16831971_386376181733324_2812133712747702359_n TaDa! You have finished this weeks tutorial.







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