Tutorial Tuesday


Good Morning everyone.  I am hoping to bring you a tutorial every Tuesday.  This week’s tutorial is for a cute little bag.  It’s the perfect size to hold some jelly beans or other small candy.  I made these for one of my customers classes and thought I would share on how I made them all in one place.



To begin you need a piece of Designer Series Paper.  I used a piece from the Foxy Suite.  You need to have a 5 ½” x 3” piece of paper.  I scored using my scoring pad, but you could use your Stampin Trimmer as well.  Score at 1 ¼:, 2 ½”, 3 ¾” and 5”.



Next, you want to turn your paper so the long end is vertical.  Score at  1″. 


Turn your paper  vertical again,  cut up the score lines to the 1” score mark.  I trimmed them down as a triangle gap like the photo below and also trimmed the rectangle off the bottom right had corner to make a tab.  Once you have this step complete, go ahead and fold on the score lines.  I use my bone folder to create a crisp clean line so the bag folds up nice and neat at the end.   16640660_386332301737712_2552043589336484129_n


The next step is to add adhesive to the bottom of the second from the left tab at bottom and the tab all the way on the top right.  My favorite tape to use for this type of project is the Tear n tape.



Next, I fold the top of the bag together. I remove my lining of the tape adhesive and  fold the two top tabs in and overlap the tab on the right to the tab on the left so it creates a unit that is now one piece and forms a box shape as you can see in the photo below. 



We are closing in the finished product. Just a few more steps and your bag is all complete.   Next I fold all the tabs in to base to form a square shaped base to the bottom of the bag.  The piece that has the adhesive to it is the very last piece I put down. 



You can see in the photo how angling those cuts at the beginning to create a nice and clean box bottom.  Once you fold that last piece up I stand up my bag and used the rounded end of bone folder to press down and help secure the glue even more. 





As you see above, I gently squeeze the center score lines in.  This allows me to close up the bag with a cute bow or other embellishments. 



Be sure to tune in for next week’s Tutorial Tuesday to see how I made the small bows to fit onto this project. 


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